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تطوير لعبة ألغاز الكلماتالحاسوبية

لتنمية ذخيرة المفردات العربية

(بحث تطويري في مدرسة مولاورمانالثانوية الحكومية الإسلامية بنجرماسين)

بقلم : رضى درماواتي



 Key words: development, multimedia, vocabulary

Learning method of Arabic language in MTsN Mulawarman Banjarmasin has some obstacles. The students are less capable in mastering the Arabic vocabulary which is one of the main factors in learning foreigh language. This probably caused by the teaching aspect which still use the conventional media for expalaining the meaning of vocabularies, beside the lack of time privided. This problem affects the student’s psicological aspect who would fell bored and make the students can not master the vocabularies satisfiedly, beside on that reason problem and the student’s potential, learning while playing with interactive multimedia would be a good solution.

The result of this researc is expected to increase the self learning multimedia in a form of “Guessing Words” of Arabic language it would be in the form of interactive CD and was tasted in MTsN Mulawarman Banjarmasin. And this research study is aimed for: (1) developing multimedia plaing (game) “ Guessing Words” to increase the ability of Arabic vocabularies. (2) discrebing the quality of the multimedia basen on the aspects of education, programming, technique, user response. (3) describing the develovment student’s vocabularys from the learning mastery of the students MTsN Mulawarman Banjarmasin after using the developed multimedia.

This research is a developmental research mixed by development model of Dick & carry and Bill & Borg using Adobe Flash CS 3 program. The research validators include two expert in Arabic education and three expert in instructional multimedia. The research subjects consist of there students for small trying-out and tirty five students for the large group try-out, and which is divided again into two group. The instruments used in this study are an observation and a questionnaire, interview, and pre-test and post-test. The data were analyzed by using content analisys, qualitative descriptive and descriptive statistics.

The findings of the study are: (1) the development multimedia playing “Guessing Words” in six step, which are: analyzing, designing, developing, validating, revising, and trying-out; (2) by using 1 to 5 score, the quality of the developed multimedia viewed from the aspect of educational quality shows a score of 4.25 (excilent); the aspect of programming shows a mean score of 3.4 (good), the technique quality shows a score of 4.78 (excilent), and the aspect of attractiveness shows a score of 4.11 (good); (3) learning by using multimedia “Guessing Words” has an enought impact on students’ mastering. In the try-out large group which consists seventeen students of axperiment group, thireteen students (76%) have accomplished mastery learning in Arabic vocabularies (X≥70) get mean score’s group 74,35 or increases up to 58%. While eighteen students of control group, only six students of them (33%) have accomplished mastery learning with mean score’s group of 56,72 or increates up to 10%.

The ravision consists of the accomplishing programming code, sound effect and other things which relate in the playing program operation from technical aspect and imperfect material.